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10 reasons to get married abroad – in Split, Croatia


Looking for romantic city that will become your wedding destination? How about over 1700 years old Split? Wandering the historic center of Split you can still clearly see the Roman walls, squares, and temples under protection of UNESCO.




It is a once in a time adventure that should be exactly how you dreamed.  Everybody deserves a beautiful sunset, a pleasant climate and a beach wedding.

It will definitely be a surprise for your guests and, trust me, they could consider to stay for a while and make it vacation.

beach wedding

Split has a good connection to numerous Croatian islands where you could have your honeymoon.

wonder where to organize honeymoon ?


Sure, your love is the most important ingredient of this whole story and if it is real it doesn’t matter if you marry in your city hall. But if you choose to get married abroad, you will become a part of a new country. Split will always remain your romantic getaway, a place that one day you will visit with your kids, and perhaps even grandchildren.

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So grab your suitcase, we have a wedding to plan!

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