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wedding surprise



Everybody would like unique wedding. And when you are getting married –  it is unique, trust me.

wedding surprise


That special feeling hold on you the whole day and when it finishes it feels like you watched a movie. Why wouldn’t you provide that feeling for your guests too?  How? By setting a surprise for them.

surprise message


Ooonly for the brave one: call your guests to meet you on a X place (beach, airport, bus station….). Wherever you are planning to set up a ceremony.  Don’t tell them you are getting married. They only need to know time, place and dress code. And of course tell them that they will be busy all night. There will be a hundred of questions, but ignore them. Who? What? Why? When?

It will be magical, mysterious and loaded with emotions when they realize why they are there.

newlywedds musicians


If you are not so brave think about some special band, belly dancers, circus performer (like fire eaters) to come up in the middle of the wedding.  If you don’t like performers you could organize a lottery for your guests or maybe special gifts.

exhibitions with fire


old school women swimwear


When you see all those smiled faces you will know it was worth it.

wedding surprise


There are so many ways to raise your wedding to a higher level, just give your guests a part of your Day.

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